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A.P.E Art Projects Era wants to challenge the limitations of given structures. The aim of the organization is to develop projects (performances, exhibitions, printed matter, festivals) that cannot necessarily be realized within traditional institutional formats or frameworks.

Art Projects Era inc is a non profit 501(c)(3)

A.P.E Benefit party



On January 10 2019, from 7PM till 12AM. 

At Bar Laika by E - Flux

224 Greene Ave, 

Brooklyn, NY 11238

With screenings of 

‘Object’ (27min, 2016) 

‘Terrorist of Love’ (3min, 2016)

By Keren Cytter 

Followed by 

DJ Adrian Rew 

DJ Sanna and Mamdos

Hosted by

Josh Altman 

*Sponsored by Material Vodka. 

Suggested admission $10 

A.P.E (Art Projects Era) wants to challenge the limitations of given structures. 

Publications by A.P.E: http://www.artprojectsera.org/publications/

Performances: http://www.artprojectsera.org/projects/

Festivals: https://apenyc.us/

And movies/videos/films produced by A.P.E:  https://vimeo.com/223965113https://


Help us do more! - - - 

Sam Anderson, Trisha Baga, Nora Schultz and Marianna Simnett donated Artworks for this occasion that can be purchased online. 

For images and info: https://www.instagram.com/a.p.e_art_projects_era/ or email: info@apenyc.us

Some of A.P.E Publications will be on display at the Bar. 

Come as you are if you can. 

Will love to see you here/there. 

No need to be friends. 

We are friends. 


Dress code: 


*Please drink Vodka. 

Donated Artworks

Trisha Baga


Sesame and quinoa on Canvas.
45.5cm X 60cm
Email for details


Marianna Simnett


Watercolour on paper, framed
37.5cm x 32.5cm
Email for details


Sam Anderson


Patricia the Neighborhood Cat
45cm X 12cm X 14cm
wood, paper mache, acrylic, sealant
Email for details


Nora Schultz


Clouds 1
Ink on printed paper
Two works consist of four 3D drawings 11 X 16.2inch.
(Come with 3D glasses) 

Email for details


Marianna Simnett



18cm x 21cm
Swipe left
Email for details 


At the right time in the wrong place: An Autumn FEST


Musée D’art Et D’histoire Du Judaïsme

Nuit Blanche -  samedi 6 octobre 2018, 15h00-01h00


15h : FILM

Keren Cytter, Middle of Beyond, 86min - Auditorium


Antonio Grulli avec Davide Bertocchi, The Militarization of Art Places



John Smith avec Deke Dusinberre



Dafna Maimon, Eat All You Can

Ateliers pédagogiques

20h : FILM

Matilde Supe, Cruel Park, 80min



Dafna Maimon, Eat All You Can

Ateliers pédagogiques

22h15 : FILM

Lili Reynaud Dewar, Beyond the Land of Minimal Possession, 81min


23h45 : CONCERT


Cours des écuries


Robert Steinberger

Cours des écuries

Et pendant toute la durée du festival, PERFORMANCE Raphael Fabre, Stand By, dans la cour d’honneur


À cette occasion, l’exposition David Perlov, cinéaste, photographe, dessinateur sera ouverte au public.

Jacopo Benassi

The First Morning Fest of Unreasonable Acts


Darja Bajagić / Jacopo Benassi / Anna-Sophie Berger / Luca Bertolo / Chiara Camoni / Keren Cytter / Flavio Favelli / Davide Ferri /  Andrea Eva Györi / Benjamin Hirte / Sophie Jung / Hanne Lippard / Luna Miguel / Momus / Sofia Silva / Umberto Silva / Marianna Simnett 

The First Morning Fest of Unreasonable Acts is a concentrated celebration of poetry, printed matter, art, sex, life, emotions, goth and gore. Initiated by Antonio Grulli and Keren Cytter, the event will feature performances, drawings, screenings and readings with the existing works of the Palazzo Bentivoglio collection, paying tribute to years of fertile creative collaboration as well as the loneliness of artistic solitude. The First Morning Fest aims to expand the format of Art Presentations in institutional events and make room for more intimate moments, akin to music or theater festivals, where art can still be made and perceived in its doing coupled with the potential to reintroduce risk and experimentation.

The Festival will emphasis uselessness in art, poetry, performance art and social gatherings. 

The First Morning Fest of Unreasonable Acts will begin late morning and will end the same day in the afternoon. 

Among the artists invited, Hanne Lippard will present a spoken-word performance about the human body and time. Darja Bajagić and Marianna Simnett will screen video works that shift between the abnormal and the horrifying, the painter Sofia Silva and the writer Umberto Silva will collaborate on a tribute to the Italian poet Valentino Zeichen; while the poet Luna Miguel will deliver her dark artistry of words and rhythm in the open air of the Palazzo Bentivoglio gardens.

Two bookshops – Bruno (Venice) and Modo Infoshop (Bologna) – will also collaborate, bringing new and old titles from the artists and writers involved.

Palazzo Bentivoglio is a private collection, put together by Alberto and Gaia Vacchi, situated in a historic building of the same name built in the 16th century in the heart of Bologna. Many works in the collection were commissioned as permanent site-specific installations in the monumental rooms of Palazzo Bentivoglio. Other artists in the collection include Genieve Figgis, Luigi Ghirri, Alex Katz, Luigi Ontani, Renè Ricard, Salvo, Sissi and Wolfgang Tillmans. Palazzo Bentivoglio is open to the public a couple of times a year during events related to the artists in the collection.

The event is organized in collaboration with the Eddy Merckx collective and A.P.E Art Projects Era.


September 29, 2018

Palazzo Bentivoglio

Via delle Belle Arti 8 

40126 Bologna BO 


T: +39 (0)51 271264

+1 6464990210

For RSVP, press and other inquiries: 


RSVP is recommended

September 29, 2018

Palazzo Bentivoglio

Via delle Belle Arti 8 

40126 Bologna BO 


Palazzo Bentivoglio will be open to the public. The venue has limited capacity. 

RSVP, press and other inquiries: 


For images of Palazzo Bentivoglio


The First Morning Fest of Unreasonable Acts


10:30 am -  Antonio Grulli and Davide

Ferri in conversation about poetry and the art of reading 

10:45am - Luna Miguel: Reading poetry


11:00  Marianna Simnett: The Needle and the Larynx, video

11:15 Sophie Jung: Industrial Revulsion, performance 

11:45 am - Sofia Silva / Umberto Silva: Papa Carlotta and a tribute to

the poet Valentino Zeichen, reading and conversation 

12:30pm - Hanne Lippard: reading 


2:30 pm - Andrea Eva Györi: presentation of her drawings 

3:15pm - Chiara Camoni: Prefazione, performance with Cecilia Canziani

3:45 - Darja Bajagić: Amazing girls. With wonderful personalities.

There saints. Talk to them about life. Love. Politics, video

4:30pm - Luca Bertolo / Flavio Favelli: Come pesciolini rossi in una

vasca di lucci - Una conversazione politica, performance

5:30pm - Anna-Sophie Berger: Excerpt from “Joker and Spider”, video

6pm - Momus: concert

6:30pm - Presentation of the art interventions, closing of the


Archive 2018


Killing Time Machine (12min, HD)


A: Sam Anderson

B: Matthew Langan Peck

C: Laura McLean-Ferris

D: Adam Harrison